Bettye Rivers Fine Art

A Day in France III - acrylic and water soluble oil

Bettye Rivers is an artist working out of a small studio located in the historic Arcade Mall, built in 1912 in the heart of  Columbia, South Carolina.  It once housed "Columbia Down Under," a series of shops, bars, and eateries that operated in the early 1970s, but unfortunately  was able to remain open for only a couple of years. 
Bettye's work is full of bright, vivid colors offering a range of subject matter.  The paintings are in various mediums of oil, watercolor, acrylic, and pastel.  You will likely note a sense of humor in Bettye's work, as well as detect her  deep love for animals and their rights to a safe and healthy enviroment.
Bettye Rivers Art Studio
The Arcade Mall
1332 Main Street
1216 Washington Street
Columbia, South Carolina
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